LAT in 90 Seconds

Something Doesn’t Quite Click: We realize that our knee-jerk reaction to newspaper gimmicks is always to piss all over them. We don’t like sections geared toward young people, for instance. Nobody in their 20s wants a Gen-Y version of Highlights. So when we finally got around to noticing Your Scene on the LAT homepage, our gut instinct was to close the page.

Are we a better, more cohesive community because our local paper allows us to click through 332 pictures of other people’s dogs? Well, if you spend any time with this page, let us know. We’re going with our gut on this one and turning away.

“Almost As Good As Oscar Night”: Reading Tina Daunt’s column about a soiree she recently attended for the Clinton Global Initiative makes us wish we were millionaires just so we can just casually drop things like “I provide medicine to poor children,” casually into conversation.

Anne Hathaway, actress, medicine woman, told Daunt:

“I’ve been interested in international politics for a long time. I’m just here as a human being, a concerned citizen.”

Must be nice.

meerkat.jpgMeerkat Muckracking: Fans of Animal Planet’s Meerkat Manor suspect the network went all Laguna Beach on them and edited footage to mess with chronology, drama and — they even dare suggest, truth.