LAT in 90 Seconds

arrested.jpgWho Wants To Be a Racially Segregated, Dead Prostitute Millionaire? No one. Not anymore, anyway. According to Deborah Netburn and Patrick Day, reality shows, procedural dramas and game shows have all fallen out of favor. (Do these people own a TV?) In their place, TV audiences can expect to see a rebirth of the serial, the old new format that’s going to sweep the nation.

The story names some of the best TV serials of all time. The list includes Soap, Arrested Development and Murder One — all shows that ultimately lost huge in the ratings game. Way to prove your point, guys.

Boo! Apparently wants to scare off its audience before it even gets one.

Missing Touch: In its review of Meredith Vieira’s first day on the job at Today, the LAT missed one of the best moments: After waiting a few patient beats for the chummy, girly Vieira to let go of his damn hand already, co-host Matt Lauer throws her hand off of his. The message is clear: This ain’t The View, lady. Get your hands off me!