LAT in 90 Seconds

More Sumner Cleaning? tomf.jpegViacom CEO Tom Freston was given the Tom Cruise treatment.

Falling stock prices and the failure to buy when they had a chance had left Viacom’s Freston vulnerable to Sumner Redstone’s wrath. In place of the MTV founder, Sumner’s installing Philippe Dauman.

We still don’t know how Brad Grey has a job. But here’s a bit of advice for anyone working for Sumner: If you’re name is Tom, change it.

In the Future, People Will Read Books: tolkin.jpgMichael Tolkin, the moviemaker who wrote the 1988 hit The Player,” has returned to his old character in a new novel because … well, because movies are dead and the only enduring artform is the novel. Seriously. That’s what he thinks. We think he’s cute.

A Study in Character: phil.jpgPhil Joanou used to be a jerk. Then he found Bono, made commercials and volunteered with troubled kids. Now, he’s directing the Sony film based on his documentary Gridiron Gang. In a very revealing profile, Patrick Goldstein creates what could be a great character study for his own film.