LAT in 90 Seconds

Object of our Desire: We never thought we’d be rooting for News Corp., but, then, we never thought the company would be in the scrappy underdog position. So when it was announced that wildly underfunded MyNetworkTV was putting all its eggs in two telenovela baskets for its big launch on Tuesday (with the what-are-they-smoking hope that Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild will snag the 18-49 demographic), we kinda had to wish it
&#161buena suerte!

His Name Is Barry. He’s Doing Better: Barry Manilow is recovering in Palm Springs from hip surgery and expects to be walking by the end of the week. Manilow underwent surgery on Monday, the day after he won the Emmy for outstanding individual performance in a variety or music program. We don’t have a joke here. We’re just hoping The Colbert Report returns from vacation soon so we can hear what Colbert’s joke will be.

Superman’s Dad, Dead at 90: A top box-office draw in the 1950s, Glenn Ford died in his Beverly Hills home on Wednesday. He was 90.

Ford’s first feature film, Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence, opened in 1939, with the director telling him he’d never make it in pictures (That’s back when directors said things like that). But he did, and the LAT notes, in 1978, he played Superman’s surrogate dad in the first feature-length film of the comic book character.