LAT in 90 Seconds

Save Carnina Chocano! Listen here, Patrick Goldstein, we read your piece today about movie critics. About how “the media have been full of stories questioning the relevance of print critics in an Internet era that has ushered in a new democratization of opinion.”

Maybe there is a movement afoot to rid newspapers of reviewers. Or maybe (and this is just our guess) you’re jealous that FBLA doesn’t crush on you as hard as we crush on LAT film critic Carina Chocano.

Her reviews are often better than the movies themselves. And as long as she’s writing, we’ll keep reading. Viva La Critic!

White Guy Willingly Spends Time With Ethnics: An accomplished yachtsman, Roy Disney is preparing to enter the Los Angeles-to-Honolulu Transpacific Yacht Race, by assembling “the race’s youngest and most diverse crew in what he calls the ‘white bread’ sport of sailing.”

If that doesn’t sound hokey enough, there’s this: “And he’s making a documentary to show how teaming disparate individuals to race across 2,225 miles of sea is naturally more gripping than any contrived reality show.”

Um, Roy, you can call it a “documentary”, but that is a contrived reality show.

Battle of the Bands: A kinda-no-longer defunct Orange County band, Supernova is suing CBS reality show Rock Star: Supernova, demanding that the network and Mark Burnett Productions not use the name Supernova for any new band that emerges from the Tommy Lee show. The OC band (a member of which is now a corporate lawyer) claims the show violates the band’s trademark.

The LAT piece wryly notes, “Perhaps caution is due: The winner of this legal flap will get to keep the astronomical name for a star that becomes so big it explodes, and quickly fades away.”

In which case, we’re pulling for Mark Burnett.