LAT in 90 Seconds

Melibu Barb Hee: A great photo of locals mocking Mel accompanies a story about how Sugar Tits Gibson is only getting charged with a misdemeanor DUI. “Some veteran DUI attorneys said they were surprised that an ‘excessive speed enhancement’ was not filed against Gibson — a charge that would mandate jail time.”

They were surprised? Seriously? How cute.

Teller To Talk?
Penn and Teller are slated to host the Emmys on Aug. 19, and Tom O’Neil predicts the silent comedian will “open his not-so-big mouth at last and tell the whole showbiz community whatever’s on his mind.”

What if he has a really funky accent or talks like a girl? It’s enough to make us want to tune in.

Haunted House?
A fight that broke out inside the House of Blues last night, spilled out onto the Sunset Strip and ended with the fatal stabbing of a 21-year-old man.

The LAT says the stabbing wasn’t related to a traffic accident that occurred there earlier that night, but the story does not mention whether it was related to Clear Channel’s purchase of the HOB. We’re just saying, you sell your soul, expect bad things to happen.