LAT in 90 Seconds

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We were watching the trailer to Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, wondering, “Why does this suck?” Now we know why.

The Day the (Illegal File-Sharing of) Music Died: The music industry and Kazaa reached a settlement, calling for Kazaa to pay $115 million to the recording industry and introduce filtering technologies to ensure that users can no longer share copyrighted music, film or software files.

Across the planet, file-swappers shrug and booted up BitTorrent.

Further Proof that the Future is Online: images-50.jpgFor the first time, a major studio brokered a syndication deal with the Internet.

And what did they use as their maiden sale? One of the best shows to ever air, Arrested Development.

True, Fox was constrained by the fact that the show filmed only half the number usually needed for a TV syndication deal. But we still maintain that all the best stuff is going online. Save this post, and in three years, you can call us geniuses.