LAT in 90 Seconds

Honey, I Shrunk the Studio: 24467746.jpgAfter years of bloated celebrity paychecks and movie budgets that could feed whole nations, the studios are shocked to discover they have to slash jobs and tighten belts.

The really weird thing, though? The ripple effect the gold bust could have on a new crop of filmmakers: “The professional landscape which our graduates are entering is one in which feature films are going to play a smaller part,” says Charles Merzbacher, who heads Boston University’s Department of Film and Television. In the fall, he noted, the school will offer a course in producing content for iPods and cellphones — a way of ensuring “that our students have a future.”

A studio budget problem means iPods are the future of entertainment? Adam Sandler you owe ’em your paycheck back.

Well, That’s One Way to Solve the Budget Problem: images-30.jpgOf course, not all studios are strapped for cash. Some are strapped to the hood of a DEA car.

It seems Limelight Films, wanted to diversify its investments. A little in film, a little in TV, a little in, um, international drug-smuggling and money-laundering.

Room at the Ritz Without The View: images-31.jpgWhile everyone else is talking about it, ABC execs a the TCA press tours had nothing to say about the drama over at The View.