LAT in 90 Seconds

We Get It: We Got the Beat: 24369575.jpg The Go-Gos are back, and the Times is using the occasion declare a return of the 80s. Um, hello? We bought our fat belts and Flashdance shirts, like, eight months ago. Where have you been?

Time Warner Poised for World Domination: Federal regulators approved the sale of Adelphia Communications Corp. to Time Warner Inc. and Comcast Corp., turning Time Warner into SoCal’s biggest cable TV provider, and ensuring that we’ll have to call our cousin to descramble the box again.

Carina in Velvet: 24368382.jpg
Our girl-crush Carina Chocano reminisces about David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, noting that the world falls into two camps: Those who liked the film, and those who didn’t. We know it makes us exceedingly uncool to say this, but we fall into the latter camp. Chocano falls into the former. We hope we can still be friends.