LAT in 90 Seconds

We Mind Mencia: 24335366.jpgFishbowl LA’s very own Jay Fernandez very nearly pissed us off this morning. He almost made us like Carlos Mencia by highlighting some legitimately funny bits from the self-absorbed comic’s Comedy Central show. Like the bit about “picking up a few Latino day laborers at Home Depot to do some repair tiling work on the space shuttle.” But, Jay redeemed himself at the end by quoting Mencia extensively — which serves to remind us that Mencia has no idea he’s just a Latino Jay Leno with juvenile gay jokes.

I’ve Got 48 Laws, but Being a Bitch Ain’t One:50centinatie.jpg A not-so-well-received 1998 business book has become an unlikely how-to guide for ganstas-turned-busniessmen/rappers. The 48 Laws of Power, sounds like a hip-hop album title. But it’s a book by Robert Greene, “a self-described ‘geeky white guy,'” who has become so wildly well-known in the hip-hop world, he’s even collaborating on a business book with 50 Cent.

We’ll Be Back, After These Commercial Messages: Nielsen is finally going to cough up data about how few of us stick around during commercials. It was weird, we got half-way through reading the story, then got a craving for Doritos and left the room.