LAT in 90 Seconds

Good Review, Part 3:24260202.jpg We had the opportunity to see a screening of A Scanner Darkly last week, but we were waiting to get the OK from our girl-crush Carina Chocano. She liked it. And we like her. So we’ll see the movie.

For His Next Story, John Balzar Interviews Drying Paint: 24266256.jpgIn today’s gianormous profile of former governor Gray Davis, John Balzar writes that Davis says he likes his life and that “if you have known Gray Davis for 33 of his 63 years and spend time with him now, you are inclined to believe him.” But we haven’t, John, and we don’t care.

A Morality Play in The California Pages? A story about how the apparent uber-witch newspaper owner Wendy McCaw drove five editors and a columnist from the Santa Barbara News Press, includes this line: “Several News-Press employees and the city’s leader said McCaw’s tenure should give pause to the many journalists across the country who had been pining for private ownership of their papers.” Hmm. Wonder how they played this story in the Chicago.