LAT in 90 Seconds

Tell That To Jen: images-13.jpgIn defending CNN’s decision to air an interview last week with Angelina Jolie and call it “news,” network chief Jonathan Klein basically says he wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers. His actual quote: “I don’t know of any news organization that would not have talked to Angelina Jolie.”

We know, Jonathan. That’s the problem.

Good Review: bugs-bunny-and-a-monster.jpgThe Devil Wears Prada is getting good reviews pretty much everywhere. but none are as utterly charming as Carina Chocano’s.

To wit: “With her crested gray mane, laser glare and perfectly modulated stealth missile sarcasm, Miranda Priestly, the editor in chief of the fictional Vogue clone, Runway, is still a monster. But as the sage Bugs Bunny once noted, monsters are the most interesting people.”

Some of My Closest Advisors are Gay: He doesn’t like gay marriage, but he does like gay votes, so Arnold Schwarzenegger deigned to speak to the Log Cabin Republicans on Thursday. He told the crowd “everyone needs someone to love.”

True. But what people really need, is someone to represent them.