LAT in 90 Seconds

United States of Directors:24135378.jpg Dawn Chmielewski has what might emerge to be the only think-piece about direct-to-B-status Snakes on a Plane. Scenes were reshot and dialogue was added during post-production to match Internet fans’ rabid demands for more f-bombs, blood and boobies. Chmielewski posits, “The Internet’s reach is gradually turning the already collaborative process of moviemaking into a global endeavor.”

Can’t wait to see what Internet scribes like Balllzsac add to the next Coppola film.

From the Dept. of You Wish: 12506977.jpgA Jordanian salesmen stood trail in Emirates this week for using a fake ID card with Brad Pitt’s mug on it. The salesman said he didn’t know who Pitt was but downloaded his photo for an ID that he’d hoped to use to steal more than $22,000 at an exchange house.

The Times didn’t run a photo of the man, but if he really does look like Brad Pitt, we guess he’ll have no trouble securing conjugal visits.

Pot, Meet Kettle: Arianna Huffington rips into Hillary Clinton in an op-ed piece for not knowing “what she stands for any longer.” Wasn’t Huffington a former conservative?