LAT in 90 Seconds

24116047.jpgRadiohead’s Thom Yorke is going solo. Because singing lugubriously about despair and loss is more fun to do alone.

Keystone Cops: Seems the FBI messed up its investigation into Hollywood private dick Anthony Pellicano’s peccadilloes, failing to examine Pellicano’s audio lab when it first had the chance way back in 2002.

FBI agents first raided Pellicano’s offices in November 2002, but waited months before seizing computers and other items from the lab. Which is weird, considering we hear they had an internal memo titled, “Anthony Pellicano Determined to Wiretap Sly Stallone.”

24117857.jpgCity Cleaves from Cleavage: The Los Angeles Animal Services Department was forced to abandon its participation in a Hooter’s bikini contest fundraiser when it started getting (um, duh?) angry calls. The contest, which was meant to raise money for the department’s spaying and neutering program, was advertised with flyers showcasing a giant photo of a buxom woman.

Our dog, Sketch, saw the ads and was unimpressed: “I have six boobies,” she sniffed.