LAT in 90 seconds

-TSA officials claim they have reduced security waiting lines to six minutes. The City Council is skeptical. But here’s the coolest part, buried at the end of the story: “the city’s airport agency plans to start a pilot program this fall that would allow passengers to check luggage in remote parking lots.” Not having to lug our bags from the parking lot to the terminal and hold them while on line? Sweet!

-Conservative columnist Jonah Goldbeg demonstrates that he thinks LA Times readers must not be able to read the cover of a book. Defending his National Review colleague Ramesh Ponnoru’s book “The Culture of Death,” he writes, “Some people are also vexed by the word ‘party,’ thinking it explicitly means Democrats. It doesn’t (though it certainly includes many). Ponnuru uses the term ‘party of death’ the way the Nation uses ‘the war party’ to describe hawks everywhere.”
Really? Maybe we got the idea Ramesh was referring to Democrats since the subtitle of his book is “The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life.”

-Buying into the stereotypes that lead everyone to accuse big city journalists of being “out of touch liberal elitists,” the LAT claims that such projects as the upcoming Will Ferrell movie “Talledaga Nights” show that “Red-state culture has found a home in the land of velvet ropes.” Except then the article mentions there have been car racing movies forever, including “Days of Thunder” and “Stroker Ace.” Then there’s the fact that the California Speedway is just 50 miles east of L.A. So actually there have been Nascar movies forever and Nascar is popular in blue and red states (just not so much in big blue cities). But whatever.