LAT in 90 Seconds

-Developers unveil plans for a mega-hotel complex with 1,000 rooms right by the soon-to-be-supposedly revitalized Convention Center / Staples Center area. But has anybody thought about what the people who charge $50 per day for parking outside the convention center are going to do when all those out-of-towners can just walk to their conventions? That could be a major blow to the L.A. economy. Think about it.

-Hoping to plant its flag on the next Pellicano early, the Times runs a long profile of high profile, and very expensive, P.I. John Nazarian, who has worked for Les Moonves, Dean Martin(!), and “the 20 or so unnamed Hollywood wives with philandering husbands for whom Nazarian and his crew of 22 ex-cops and sundry specialists seem to be working in perpetuity.”

-As if the pointless election of judges in Los Angeles by uninformed voters wasn’t already appalling enough, it turns out that candidates get their names on what look like voting guides from non-profit groups, such as the “California Law Enforcement Voter Guide,” by paying to get their name added. Why not let judges just pay the government directly to get their jobs so the money would go to a good cause?