LAT in 90 120 seconds

— Just when we’d finally learned to spell “Reggaeton,” the fad is fizzling. As the LAT points out, “There’s only the same five songs on the radio and the same five artists on all the compilations,” says Boy Wonder, the New York-based producer of “Chosen Few,” the hit 2004 reggaeton documentary. “People need to hear more new stuff.” Does la culpa rest with Eliot Spitzer?

bacon & eggs platter.jpg
— I don’t know about you, but this is about the last guy I’d want to put in charge of my health, coked or sober. Moving from Ecstasy to bacon? Sounds salubrious.

— 2006 is the new 1960: Luis Mandoki goes all Mel Stuart and sets about documenting the making of el presidente in Mexico, with that other Senor Lopez.

— Is it Moshiach?! IS IT MOSHIACH?! …Sadly, no. It’s only David Zucker. But he is a Jew, and he did pull box office out of the crapper with “Scary Movie 4.”