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Arnold Talks Dirty
The Governator was caught on tape discussing racial mixtures and the sexual characteristics thereof. Supposedly, he was taping his own meeting for the benefit of his speechwriters. The LA Times is all mysterious about how they got the tape. FBLA thinks he’s getting ready to pitch a reality show.

The Mystery of Lonelygirl15
Rushfield lays it all out on the front page, but misses newest twist. FBLA has the story.


9/11 Miniseries Is Bunk
Barbara Bodine, former Ambassador to Yemen, corrects ABC on the U.S.S. Cole bombing and the aftermath. Is she part of an orchestrated effort to clean up the Clinton administration’s track record? Or is The Path to 9/11 just a typical MOW? We’re guessing both.

Hollywoodland So-So, Affleck Better

Kenneth Turan actually thought

this is perhaps Affleck’s most interesting performance, and certainly one of his best.


Is the world coming to an end? Why didn’t anyone tell us?