LAT goes to college

Over at, Xeni Jardin’s Current piece about, the social networking site for college students, is used as a launching-off point for a collection of advice-to-freshman snippets. As Current editor Bob Sipchen puts it:

The upbeat but lachrymose profundity of commencement speeches get a lot of attention, but at the front end of the undergraduate experience a relative few professors offer their own version of “be your best” blah blah blah…

The lifelong learners at LiveCurrent went course-diving for first-day pearls. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll hear in freshman seminar-rooms around the country this month.

I am particularly struck, or maybe confused, by Pomona College assistant English professor Sarah Raff’s pronouncements:

To revise Tolstoy’s dictum, advice about love sounds uniformly pertinent; advice about college can sound impertinent in many different ways – unless it’s also about love.

Should you ditch your high-school flame? Probably.

How in love do you need to be to cut your seminar? Depends on the professor.

What’s new about college dating? People love you for what you discover in class.

When it comes to dating and the death of Socrates, which words of wisdom can you trust implicitly? None, as you’ll find out in class.

Wow, it’s just like being in college again- I have no idea what the professor’s talking about.