LAT FOB: Memoirs with a Twist Panel Part Two

We’ve always thought Gustavo Arellano was hilarious. He was also really sweet to this shy young fan of his. We watched him with the kid pictured above. Arellano hopped off the stage to have the picture taken. “Don’t ever been afraid to ask a writer you like for a photograph – we love it – at least I do.” He told the kid. They snapped the pic and he shook his hand. “Do good in school!” And then bounced back to his chair right before the panel started.

During the panel, Arellano said,”Orange County is the Mexican hating capital of the US.” Which, we say makes his column in the OC Weekly just that much more funny. He also mentioned that it was the capital of bad shows about it (Real Housewives, The OC etc.). He made the exception for Arrested Development which he described as a “masterpiece of satire”.

When he was asked by the moderator if he was going to write another memoir he replied,”No, I’m only 30. I haven’t live enough and I’ve lived the life of a nerd.” The audience laughed.

“I’m more interested in writing history – writing history is my obsession.” He told the crowd that his next book will be on the history of Mexican food in the US.


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