LAT: Adelphia apologist

Some Adelphia cable subscribers were miffed this past week when a couple shows- including ‘Desperate Housewives’- were broadcast in Spanish instead of English due to a technical malfunction. Well, these subscribers should actually be grateful, it turns out, because Adelphia was teaching them an important civic lesson. Or so sayeth the LAT editorial page:

On first blush, this seemed like just another glitch from a company whose cable system has long been viewed as a technological backwater. Plagued by financial difficulties, Adelphia was slow to upgrade its aging lines and convert to digital. And even after it did, city regulators say its service was still muy malo.

Company officials blamed the soundtrack switcheroo on damage caused by el fuego de Topanga. But perhaps Adelphia had a more civic-minded purpose: helping Angelenos improve their Spanish.

And what better way to do that than hijack the dialogue on their favorite shows?

Um, okay. And by the way, that power outage last month that inconvenienced thousands of Angelenos? That wasn’t just a public utility having technical problems- it was a Valuable Learning Experience which illustrated our over-dependence on electricity. I hope it happens again really soon. Ay carramba!

UPDATE: Regret The Error reports seeing this correction in the LAT (which has since scrolled off the corrections page at

A Quick Takes item in Tuesday’s Calendar section about Adelphia cable telecasting “Desperate Housewives” in Spanish referred to a series of plot developments on the show. Those actually are from the episode scheduled to be shown Sunday. The item also said callers to Adelphia’s customer service line were told they would receive a refund. An Adelphia spokesman later said that refunds would be made on a case-by-case basis to viewers who received the Spanish-language broadcast by mistake.

Thanks for the spoiler!