Last Week at BusinessWeek

businessweek_cover.jpgWe would have awarded the media fatigue prize last week to Condé Nast and all the speculation of what they’d cut next but, let’s face it, every week is a Condé Nast week.

Last week, the true speculation has been about Bloomberg LP’s acquisition of BusinessWeek from McGraw-Hill: Who’s staying, who’s going, and who should step up to the plate and run the publication.

Read on for a recap of BusinessWeek news.

Monday: Everyone is still murmuring about last Tuesday’s winning bid by Bloomberg for the magazine, which went for less than $5 million, and included the $31.9 million in liabilities that the new owner agreed to assume.

Tuesday: Editor-in-chief Stephen Adler says he will step down from his position after the sale of the magazine to the new owners is completed later this year.

Wednesday: Keith Kelly claims that executive editor Ellen Pollock is outsies, and the other executive editor, John Byrne, might be going the same way, based on his rumored plans to move to the other coast.

Meanwhile Jon Friedman thinks ex-Portfolio editor Joanne Lipman would make a great Adler replacement at Bloomberg’s Businessweek, and we can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or not.

Thursday: Ex-BusinessWeek editor Stephen Shepard says that Bloomberg owning the magazine will be good for business. Many people inside the company say they are happy about the sale, too, including Byrne at last week’s MPA Conference. But perhaps Shepard wants his old job back?

Friday: During the week, we’ve heard from BusinessWeek staffers that Byrne likely isn’t leaving anytime soon, and that he’s been planning on living bi-coastally for some time now. Also rumored: BusinessWeek is moving their offices to Bloomberg’s HQ by May.