Last War Crime Director Semi-Celebrates YouTube Reinstatement

The power of the people online is of course not just about getting Bank of America to drop an ATM monthly service fee or Verizon to back away from a proposed payment transaction levy. It’s also about freedom of rightful artistic expression.

LA writer-director The Pen is trumpeting a victory in his fight against YouTube censorship, as well he should. After rallying supporters to protest the service’s decision to ban a one-minute clip from his movie The Last War Crime featuring waterboarding, which was taken down on the generic grounds that it contained “nudity, pornography, or other sexually provocative content,” thousands of protest emails were sent to YouTube. Now, writes the filmmaker on his movie’s official website, the service has quietly put the promotional clip back up:

We just got word from one of our own participants that YouTube had surreptitiously reinstated the clip overnight. We heard it that way because YouTube did not even give us the courtesy of a notice this had happened, though they sure were able to find our email address to send the original kill notice.

The Pen wants YouTube to add a special section on the site where people can log and challenge such actions in future. Perhaps the artist can also turn his attention to the film’s IMDb page, where there is no current trace of his writer-director credits. (Fyi, The Pen subsequently confirmed to FishbowlLA that The Pen is his legal name.)