Last Night: Radio & TV News Directors Foundation Dinner

Lots of Washington’s VIP journos (you know, your Blitzers, your Matthews, your Schieffers…) headed to Ritz Carlton last night for the 18th Annual Awards Dinner in Celebration of the First Amendment.


  • First Amendment Leadership Award: AP’s Tom Curley (ABC News’ David Westin, presenter)

  • First Amendment Service Award: NBC Universal’s Paula Madison (NBC News’ Tom Brokaw, presenter). During her remarks, Madison said that “we haven’t done enough” with regards to diversity. Brokaw, referring to Bob Schieffer and Jim Lehrer, said that having the two Texans at the main table “was the front table equivalent of having Bill Clinton introducing Hillary Clinton: They both want the last world and expect the loudest applause.”

  • First Amendment Award: Wiley Rein LLP’s Richard Wiley (Newspaper Association of America’s John Sturm, presenter)

  • Leonard Zeidenberg First Amendment Award: CBS News’ Bob Schieffer (PBS’ Jim Lehrer, presenter)

    And then: Schieffer rocked out with his band, Honky Tonk Confidential.

    CNN’s John Roberts served as Master of Ceremonies and referred to the recent Rick Kaplan news (“It’s gonna be like “Survivor: 57th St”).