Last Night: Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Blogger Night’ at the Kodak Theater

We’re no theater critics. We’ll leave that to the professionals. But, for what it’s worth, FishbowlLA was among those in attendance for last night’s “Blogger Night” performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Iris at the Kodak theater–and we enjoyed the show immensely. Between the psychedelic Prohibition-era costumes and Danny Elfman’s score, we would describe the experience as being in the middle of a living Tim Burton film–a Burton film that happens to star a few dozen extremely flexible, French (or, more accurately, Russian and Chinese masquerading as French) Johnny Depp’s.

The subtitle of the show is “A Journey Through the World of Cinema,” and much has been made about the show’s nods to the history of Hollywood. To us, those connections seem tangential at best. Although the second act did amp up the Hollywood satire. A faux film awards ceremony–in the same theater that hosts the Oscars–was undoubtedly the comedic highlight of the show.

Instead of creating a historical journey through the cinematic world, director Philippe Decouflé was able to use digital technology to enhance the live performances. Case in point: the photo you see above, where distorted real-time digital projections of the performers serve as the backdrop to their dance. Very cool.

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