Last Minute Pleas Made to Try and Save Remaining Michael Reese Hospital Buildings


Speaking of the architecture of our past, there’s been some past-the-11th-hour movement here in Chicago to save the remaining Walter Gropius-designed buildings that are a part of the Michael Reese Hospital. Despite years of activism to try and save the whole complex, several of the buildings have already met their maker via a wrecking ball and construction crews, but late this past Friday it seemed as though the rest might have a fighting chance as the Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council voted unanimously to “recommend to federal officials that the hospital’s remaining buildings be named to the National Register of Historic Places.” This doesn’t slow the city down at all in their bulldozing, but should those recommendations go through to the feds quickly enough, the preservationists might still have a chance to save a few more buildings than just the one the city has said it will leave intact. To take a look at what’s there, we recommend checking out Lee Bey’s photographs of the massive campus.