’s Max Howell to Lead Mobile Development at TweetDeck

TweetDeck tuned in and added to its team, bringing aboard Max Howell as lead mobile developer. Howell led development of the desktop and mobile clients at

From a post on the TweetDeck Blog by founder and CEO Iain Dodsworth:

Max comes hot from, where he led development of the hugely successful desktop and mobile clients and, as some of you may be aware, is a well respected figure in the github community and author of Homebrew, a project that is due to overtake Ruby on Rails in terms of github popularity. And that has only scratched the surface as to what Max has been up to in the past few years.

In his own words, Max is open-source, prolific, multilanguage, design-skilled with attention to detail and good eye for aesthetics. He also has one of the deepest voices I’ve heard in a long time, so he may give Richard a run for his money on the silky smooth TweetDeck video-voiceover front.

So it’s pretty obvious Max is a prodigious talent and a great addition to the team, but what will he be doing at TweetDeck? In a word: mobile. And lots of it. More announcements to come on the other new members of the team.