Abandons Radio Streaming Service to Focus on Scrobbling Music announced it is shuttering its music streaming services in order to focus on helping users build their music profile. The internet-based streaming radio offered an ad-free radio for subscribers ($3/€3/£3) who can now request refunds.

In announcement about the decision, said it was forced to make the hard decision due to the changing nature of the music industry:

Over ten years, our goal has always been to allow people around the world to discover new music with as few limitations or restrictions as possible. However, the music landscape has changed considerably during that time and we’ve been forced to make some very difficult decisions surrounding our core products and services. In response we’ve chosen to focus on what we think does best: scrobbling, music discovery, and recommendations.

For US listeners, the change will not be as noticeable, as many streaming sources like Spotify will exist to fill the gap. However, as one American living in Canada pointed out, was the best source of music streaming north of the border:

The scrobbling app will still be useful if you want to maintain your music listening history across all services and music. You can download it here. For users seeking alternatives to, see our list of apps and sources for music discovery.