Last Day for Early Bird Registration for Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

I’ll be speaking at the upcoming virtual Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, and wanted to let people know that the last day for early bird registration is today! Sign up here.

I’ll be speaking at the event, and here’s a little more information about it below:

If you’re one of those businesses who’s looking to really understand how social media can help you to market your business, I recommend you check out the Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, and specifically, come out to my session on “The Anatomy of a Clickable Headline”.


The SMMBC is an online conference and workshop series that will be running from March 23-May 11. The itinerary has been set by Carmen Scheidel, our online education specialist here with Social Times and mediabistro, and will consist of speaker sessions and practical how-to sessions and homework designed to get your social media strategy up and running quickly.

Here’s a bit of information about my presentation on titles, which I feel is a great starting point for understanding whether your content is ready for social media.

The Anatomy of a Clickable Headline: How to Write Clickworthy Titles
Everyone thinks social media will solve their marketing woes, but the secret is that social networks are just the medium. Have you thought about the message itself? To market something well, the content itself needs to be share-able and viral, and one of your key tools to accomplish that should be your ability to create strong headlines or titles. A good title is a promise of great content to your consumer, and you should be aiming to make unforgettable promises with every article, video, podcast or image you send out. Social Times blogger Neil Vidyarthi shares examples of titles that have drawn huge traffic (and those that don’t) and examines the psychology of creating unique, irresistible headlines that will drive traffic to your message.