LaSalvia Handles D–k Joke in Interview Well

When you’re interviewing a good-looking gay man with stylish blond wavy hair on gay issues it’s probably best to keep things on the straight and narrow. For example,  how about avoiding d–k jokes as much as that is possible?

Vice TV’s Eddy Moretti, host of “Politics, Pundits and Other People,” sits down with GOProud Co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia for an interview on being gay and conservative. But Moretti, it appears,  can’t avoid the double entendre. The interview went from pleasant to worse, to much worse and back to pleasant enough to not get himself kicked out.

Among other things LaSalvia  did when he set up shop was he hung Dick (as in Cheney) on the exposed brick wall. It was the first picture he hung. “You do have dick,” Moretti replies pointedly. (An awkward moment indeed as the obvious d–k joke draws momentary laughter from LaSalvia.)

Moretti soldiers on. He asks about the “Gay Left.” LaSalvia slams the “Gay Left,” saying they just want an “affirmation and a hug” on any issue. He says conservatives are becoming “more and more comfortable” with gay issues – more than people know. He opens up on growing up in a military family and attending college in South Dakota’s black hills (Moretti manages to not sneak in any questions about gay experiences LaSalvia may have had in his formative years).

Moretti then asks about what he assumes is a large underworld of closeted gays on Capitol Hill: “What’s gay Capitol Hill like? What can you tell us without incriminating people?”

LaSalvia replies half-insulted, “Well, I wouldn’t call it incriminating.”

More weirdness when Moretti asks…

“Are you popular in gay D.C.?” LaSalvia erupts into loud guffaws, and when he can, replies, “I’m single.”

Moretti interjects,”I meant as a politician or person in the industry.” LaSalvia continues, “I don’t know what people think of me, but it is sometimes tough to get a date as a conservative in Gayland.”

Oh, just painful.