A Missed GOP Debate Headline Opportunity

The post-Vegas headlines are so *not* money.

TrumpNewtonCNNThe latest Republican debate was in Vegas, baby. So where are the obvious gambling-inspired headlines?

A quick Google News search this morning suggests that very few if any major outlets pivoted around the game of chance we would chosen:

“No Clear Winner in GOP Crapshoot”

“Latest GOP Debate Was a Crapshoot”

“Candidates Roll the Dice in Vegas, Come Up Snake Eyes”

Or, for that matter, headlines that just put the money on a colorful casino-floor feel. The closest MSM thing to that this morning is USA Today’s “By the Numbers: The Las Vegas Republican Debate.”

If you see a Vegas-worthy GOP debate headline in print or somewhere that we may have missed, please let us know. Also, speaking of “missed” Vegas opportunities, it appears there are no official betting odds related to the possible identity of the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s mystery new buyer. If that list existed, we figure Sheldon Adelson would be pegged at around 3-5.


[Screen grab via: CNN]