Larry Kramer to Conde Nast’s Portfolio


Larry Kramer is back in the magazine business, but this time on the new media side. Kramer, whose career has weaved together experiences at the helm of old and new media, is a consultant at Conde Nast’s, according to WWD. Few people — Michael Wolff comes to mind — have such strong, seasoned credentials in the business world, the print world and with all-important new media.

In his storied career, Kramer has been the founder, chairman and CEO of The fact that the financial destination is celebrating its tenth anniversary is testament to Kramer’s competent leadership during its impressionable beginnings. He left after MarketWatch was acquired by Dow Jones (and the rest is history). For the past few months Kramer has been at Polaris Ventures. Previous to that Larry Kramer was head of CBS Digital — he joined in 2005 — where he managed,, Sports-line into Web 2.0 presences.

In a previous media incarnation, Kramer spent the 70s and 80s as a reporter and editor for such august newspapers as The San Francisco Examiner (where he was a reporter and executive editor) and at The Washington Post (where he was a financial reporter, an assistant managing editor and metro editor).

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