Larry Kramer: No Plans For a ‘USA Today’ Paywall

USA Today publisher Larry Kramer says that the company has no plans to institute a paywall at the national paper’s website, even as the company continues to examine future revenue models. Kramer made the comments during a conversation with Washington Post CEO Don Graham at the Business Insider Ignition conference in New York.

“I don’t want to charge [online] for USA Today right now, I don’t think it is the right thing to do, and there is so much national news out there,” Kramer said. “I think we would lose more than we would gain.”

Kramer also talked about efforts he has taken to change the business and culture of the Gannett paper since taking over as publisher in May.

“The best of our work had been in the newspaper, and I had to change the structure of the staff so they were producing for the digital platform first, and then the newspaper,” Kramer said.

He also mentioned the innovative strategy the paper was taken with its sports coverage.

“We broke sports out into a separate company, it includes the sports section, and multiple sites like Big Lead Sports,” Kramer says. “We have it run separate by a group of people who have a stake in its success. They have become, to me, an example for the rest of the staff for how to behave, because they behave in an entrepreneurial fashion.”