RD Recap: Larry Kramer Leaves USA Today; New Hires at NYT

The latest media hirings and firings.

Revolving Door

Revolving DoorLarry Kramer is out as president and publisher of USA Today, a position he held since May 2012. The Marketwatch.com founder will move into a spot on the Gannett Publishing board of directors after the company spins off from its parent entity. He had been set to become the chief content officer of Gannett but changed his mind. “It was a job designed for me, but it would have taken a three- to five-year commitment and a ton of travel,” the 65-year-old said of the CCO position. Instead, he’ll slip into what’s more or less a retirement of sorts…

The New York Times hires Katie Benner, who will cover Apple. She previously worked at Bloomberg… The NY Times also snags Tim Herrera, Michael Gold and Lindsey Underwood as part of its audience development team. The former two staffers come from The Washington Post; the latter from Slate… Gannett installs David Harmon as chief people officer. Yep, that’s a real job title… The Chicago Sun-Times pushes homicide reporter Michael Lansu out the door. He says goodbye with a pointed and accurate tweet… Read More