Larry King Wants to Be Frozen When He Dies so Zombie King Can Haunt Us Forever

Larry King doesn’t host a regularly-scheduled show anymore, but if he has his way, he’ll be around forever. In a program airing Sunday titled, “CNN Presents: A Larry King Special: Dinner with the Kings,” King tells the gathered guests that he has odd plans for himself when he dies. “I want to be frozen on the hope that they’ll find whatever I died of and bring me back,” King says.

When one of the celebrities on the show — Seth MacFarlane, creator of “Family Guy” — asks King if that means he wants to live forever, King replies, “Yeah, you bet your ass.”

It’s a nice thought, but we can’t imagine Zombie King being any good at upcoming specials.

Zombie King: “Tell us about your new book.”

Guest: “Well, the way it came about is actually funny. I was — Larry?”

Zombie King: [Drooling] “Braaaaiiiinnnnsss…”

Guest: “Excuse me?”

Zombie King: “What? Nothing. The book sounds fantastic.”