Larry King On Anna Nicole: ‘I Liked Her Right Away’

anna_nicole_fbny.jpgLarry King on Anna Nicole Smith‘s death:

KING: Yes, thanks, Wolf. I’ve always liked Anna Nicole Smith. I first met her many years ago after the Playmate era, when she was in Playboy, featured in Playboy. She came on the show — I was doing it out of New York that night — and liked her right away. She was bouncy, she — I went through with all the marriage to the elderly gentleman, the weight gains up, the weight gains down.

But there was always a special thing about her, even when they spoofed her on Saturday Night Live — she could easily be made fun of.

There was also a genuineness about her. She was an extraordinarily pretty girl. An unusual thing, Wolf, is that she did a painting that we have here in the house. She tried — she was kind of an amateur painter. I have an oil painting that she has done here.

And of course, we’ve been involved recently in this contest over who fathered the little girl. In fact, we have the lawyer for the gentleman, Larry, here, that claims he is the father, and then of course we have Howard Stern claim that he is the father.

Now we have a little girl, who is kind of lost in all this. It’s really, really, really sad, Wolf. I think that, you know, she was a special person, she was an unusual person, she was genuine, she was funny, she had some class. I feel very, very sorry for everybody concerned, but mostly for that little girl.