Seth MacFarlane Steers Larry King to Promising Online Debut

The most surprising element of Monday’s inaugural Ora TV episode of Larry King Live (available the next day on Hulu) is the backdrop. The host’s chat with Family Guy and Ted instigator Seth MacFarlane takes place not in some fancy new 21st century studio but rather in the den of King’s Beverly Hills home.

The sight of a King Emmy statuette on the shelf and a stack of framed paintings leaning against a wall behind King definitely give the proceedings a homier feel than the 78-year-old broadcaster’s former CNN address. But MacFarlane being who he is, there is also the story about Thanksgiving, his mom, a dog named Butch and some experimental “jacking off” that would never have made it to TV air. The same goes for guest #1’s crack about necrophilia, made during a discussion of King’s interest in cryogenics.

The host looks well rested and ready to go. And with this kind of reduced overhead, it should take relatively little traction to hit Ora break-even.