A Mighty Oscar Winner Interview

Mira Sorvino sits down with her Chloe and Theo co-star Larry King.

Mira Sorvino read Woody Allen’s Without Feathers when she was 12. During her high school years, she also played the part of Linda Christie in a production of Play It Again, Sam. (A part done in the 1972 film by Diane Keaton.)

On the Friday Sept. 11 episode of Larry King Now, Sorvino recalled the experience of getting to work with her “hero” Allen on 1995’s Mighty Aphrodite. She tried to stay in character all the time, for fear that she would otherwise lose this Linda’s distinctive, high-pitched voice. She also got to improvise a lot:

“The first thing he [Allen] said, when I read the script, was: ‘You don’t have to say any of these lines, if you don’t want to. This is just a blueprint. Whatever makes you the most real, natural and funny as possible.’

Speaking of long-held connections, King went to high school in Brooklyn with Mira’s dad Paul and also plays himself in her new movie Chloe and Theo. Sorvino won the 1995 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Mighty Aphrodite, beating out Joan Allen, Kathleen Quinn, Mare Winningham and Kate Winslet.

Watch her full conversation with King here.
[Screen grab via: ora.tv]