Hanging Headlines on Larry’s Suspenders

We can’t really blame the media for stooping to the obvious wardrobe analogy when framing this week’s unending scroll of Larry King Live send-off articles and best-of moment remembrances. Still, it’s kind of funny to see just how often the pieces strap on the wording.

How do you say suspenders in French? The word is bretelles. But on this side of the world leader pond, the Agence France Press headline reads “Veteran CNN Host Larry King Hangs Up Suspenders.” And so it goes.

BrandChannel.com snaps them to signal the end of the Larry King era. Heck, even CNN itself uses suspender phraseology on the top right-hand side of its LKL page to tease tomorrow night’s star-studded send-off.

If we were Piers Morgan, we would definitely be pondering the proper wardrobe follow-up. Can you say, pipe?

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