Larry Flynt’s Gay Senator: Readers Write In

We called on FBNY readers to guess which Republican senator Larry Flynt was going to out in the pages of Hustler right before the Christmas break. And we received replies in spades. Without further ado, here are FBNY readers’ guesses (and damn we got a ton of emails) for the next great gay senator:

  • Mitch McConnell – Kentucky – Speculation concerning his sexuality but no solid proof.

  • Lindsey Graham – South Carolina – Another politician who has been dogged by gay rumors.

  • James Inhofe – Oklahoma – We’ve never heard of anyone accusing him of being in the closet before… But that whole gay porn on the office computer network scandal was embarassing.

    Then there was the reader who suggested that it was “time for Larry the loser to roll his stupid ass onto a freeway.” Buddy, he already got shot at… We think that’s enough suffering for one man.

    But, yes, McConnell and Graham received plenty of letters claiming they both leaned towards the gay side. So will either be outed as the Republican party’s next big closet case? We’ll see…