“Largest Circulation” – gate

We asked this question a while back:

    THE QUESTION: If the Politico is distributing to 25,000 and the Hill gets out to 21,000 (Roll Call’s at roughly 18,000), will there be any pressure on The Hill to remove its “largest circulation of any Capitol Hill publication” boast on the top of its newspaper?

And, via our anonymous tips box, there seems to be two schools of thought on this.

In the “no” camp, the argument that the Politico isn’t an exclusively Capitol Hill publication:

    A Question: Should The Politico, with the stated agenda to write extensively about the presidential, addressing a national audience on general political topics, boasting of free circulation to K Street, the 270 and Dulles tech corridors, with a free website read–according to its own house ad Thursday–by hundreds of thousands, deserve to be called a “Capitol Hill newspaper” like the tightly circulated Roll Call, CD-AM and CQToday, or is it playing on the same general-audience-interested-in-politics field as WaPo, NYTimes, the newsweeklies, etc.? No other publication/website claims, or wants to be, both.

In the “yes” camp, the thoughts of one curious tipster:

    Does The Hill still have the largest circulation?

What do you think?