Larchmont Village’s Weekly Barbershop Bulletins

Despite the encroachment of frozen yogurt and designer cupcakes, LA’s Larchmont Village has managed to retain an old world charm. Nowhere is that spirit more evident these days than in the front window of the Larchmont Barber Shop, where the post-October 20th surgery status of owner Jerry Cottone (pictured) is being updated on a weekly basis by his family.

The large font, landscape-oriented single page bulletins – dated October 23rd, 26th, 30th, November 7th and 13th – are anachronistic throwbacks to a pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook era, on a street where it was once possible to catch a streetcar to Huntington Beach for a dime. The Halloween weekend missive for example reveals the undeniable male nature of the recovering patient.

Writes “Jerry’s Family:”

Mom came home to find dad standing on a step ladder cleaning the rain gutters… Mom really raised the roof… Jerry said he was trying to get it finished before she came home [from the market]… Anyway, that’s my dad.

Alongside the window missives is another equally fascinating time warp: a framed copy of a February 23rd, 1991 LA Times article in which Cottone warned that the Gulf War should not end until Saddam Hussein was done away with for good. Prescient words.

Update – 11/30/10: As of today, Cottone is back on the job.