LA Weekly Corrects Its Lara Logan Correction

On March 14th, LA Weekly‘s Simone Wilson corrected a previous February 15th report on the attack in Egypt of 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan. This afternoon, she takes that correction back.

Her original correction followed a trio of anonymously sourced reports claiming Logan had not been raped and “only poked by flagpoles.” Unable to get confirmation from CBS and facing vocal criticism from other media outlets, Wilson eventually wrote: “We conclude that we erroneously interpreted CBS’ report of what happened to Logan on February 11, 2011.” However, based on the following generally accepted international definition of rape, it appears Wilson was right:

The widest definition of rape in international law was provided by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, which stated that rape consists of a physical invasion of a sexual nature, committed on a person under coercive circumstances. Sexual violence, including rape, is not limited to physical invasion of the human body and may include acts that do not involve penetration or even physical contact.

The assault on Logan occurred abroad, in wartime-like conditions, not here in the U.S. Ahead of Sunday’s blockbuster interview with 60 Minutes colleage Scott Pelley, the South African born reporter described the February 11th Tahrir Square incident this way to New York TimesBrian Stelter: “For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands.”