Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel Campaign Challenges Victoria’s Secret’s Definition of Sexy

That's one way to get attention.

o-LANE-BRYANT-FP-570 2Victoria’s Secret would have you believe that their lingerie-clad “Angels” are the embodiment of sexy, but Lane Bryant‘s new campaign, titled #ImNoAngel, directly challenges the idea that women have to be tiny, toned, and airbrushed to be desirable.

As bikini season approaches, Victoria’s Secret is ramping up their annual marketing push (I’ve received a new summer-themed VS catalog in the mail every single day for a week), making Lane Bryant’s campaign — which launched on Monday — perfectly-timed.

The video spot (below) features models like Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, and Candice Huffine redefining what “sexy” means to them while wearing the brand’s exclusive bra collection Cacique.  Meanwhile, the social media component is already being embraced and shared:

Sure, some may argue that LB is just the latest brand to take a tip from Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign, but the reference to the Victoria’s Secret “Angel” makes this particular company seem like a defiant, valiant warrior in direct opposition to VS in a battle for the American definition of beauty.

It goes beyond a heartening dose of self-esteem; it’s rallying an army.