Land Rover’s Personalized Ads System Pulls From 700 Videos

Garners a 53 percent purchase intent lift for automaker

Land Rover's website has been serving personalized 30-second video ads to viewers based on their past clicks, resulting in a 50 percent lift in brand awareness while garnering 53 percent jump in purchase intent, per the British automaker.

The retargeting effort uses some 700 videos, which zero in on visitors' SUVs of interest as well as their location. The spots come from the same library as the brand's current regional/local options of U.S. TV commercials. 

"The dealers are very aware of the digital video ads and are excited by the ability to take the high-end broadcast quality TV ads and turn them into a local-communication tool," said Kimberly Kyaw, digital marketing and social media manager for the brand's parent, Jaguar Land Rover.

Land Rover worked with tech vendor Eyeview to develop the customization system, which uses consumer data to target ad messaging based on learned preferences concerning car makes/models. The ads have been localized in 49 U.S. markets.

"We intend to keep on investing in this technology and pushing the envelope," Kyaw said. "Online video advertising has proven to be very cost-effective for us."

Other automotive Eyeview clients include Toyota, Mazda, Alfa Romeo and Volvo. In other categories, the vendor serves Comcast, Lowe's, OfficeMax, Expedia and Burger King.

For Land Rover specifically, a consumer who initially looked at a particular model of car on the Land Rover website might be served with an ad talking about specific features, said Erik Schear, sales lead for 6-year-old Eyeview, "Whether it's a parent interested in safety or an outdoor enthusiast looking for an off-road vehicle. Follow-up ads could then deliver a specific discount offer and a map to the closest dealership."

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