Land of Lost Logos

Land of Lost Logos

What a stroke of pre-caffeinee alliterative genius my headline is, no? (Perhaps the lack of coffee is clouding my judgement.) Ahem, OK.

I couldn’t stop thinking about branding yesterday after I posted about the rebranding article over on Speak Up. It’s possible that it’s just that amazing new Bahamas logo that’s luring me with its siren song, but generally speaking, I am also continually fascinated by logos.

I’m actually working on a bigger item about the rebranding of a Big Corporate Entity, and in my research last night, I came across a site called Logo R.I.P., a commemoration of dead logotypes.

They borrow heavily, and directly as possible from our rituals around death: the site mainly consists of (not big enough) photos of headstones with the logos engraved into them. The headstones are situated in cemetaries and the gravesites are all designed as well, in some cases alluding to elements of the brand that has foresaken them. There’s also a Book of Condolences page where you can comment on the sad passing of your favorite logo. Brings a tear to my eye, it does. Sniff.

Incidentally, did you know that they Pam Am logo pictured is referred to as the “Meatball” logo? I can’t imagine that the designers who did it were too pleased with that nomenclature. Heh.