Lance Armstrong Hires ‘Master of Disaster’ Mark Fabiani

Seven time Tour de France winner and cancer awareness juggernaut Lance Armstrong has veteran crisis guru Mark Fabiani on his team to help deal with doping accusations, according to The accusations reached new levels recently when former teammate Floyd Landis dropped extensive details of systematic abuse during his time with the U.S. Postal team.

Fabiani has a long history with bare knuckle media brawls, most recently on behalf of Goldman Sachs in the spring. Newsweek named him the “Master of Distaster” when he was handling the Clintons during the Whitewater scandal in the 90s.

Landis was stripped of his Tour victory when he tested positive for synthetic testosterone. Armstrong has consistently stuck to his “never tested positive” soundbite for years.

Fabiani promises to “deal forthrightly with the improper and misleading leaks that so far have unfortunately characterized this unfair, Floyd Landis-inspired inquiry.”

In an email to Bloomberg, he hit the disproportion note. “With salmonella causing the recall of 380 million eggs, I’m probably not the only one wondering right now why the FDA is spending its resources looking into international bicycle races that occurred years ago,” said Fabiani.

The crisis guru has to contend with the thorny problem of whether or not Armstrong was indeed an owner of the team at that time, which means technically he was in a sense, defrauding the government since the USPS was the title sponsor.

[via CyclingNews]