LambdaMu Games announces Dice Soccer League for iOS

Pixel People developer LambdaMu Games has today announced the upcoming launch of its Dice Soccer League on mobile. The game is a reboot of the company’s original Dice Soccer from 2013, and combines the strategy of card collecting games with the random nature of dice rolling.

In Dice Soccer League, players will build their team of soccer stars, and use them in four different gameplay modes, from AI-based campaign matches to multiplayer arena battles.

Once players have created their team and head out onto the field, they’ll roll unique 6-sided dice, which combine with their characters’ unique soccer skills, to take possession of the ball and score points.

“As Manager of a Dice Soccer League team, finding the right character with the right dice sides is key to victory. Under the certain conditions and in the presence of the suitable team mates, characters can unleash zany yet powerful skills to change the fate of a match, thereby ensuring that the biggest dice on the field doesn’t always win” says Ivan Loo, CEO of LambdaMu Games. “This aspect of the game adds an amazing level of strategy and depth to what is otherwise a very casual and accessible experience!”

Dice Soccer League will offer 75 matches against AI opponents in campaign mode, a weekly tournament battle mode against other players from around the world, an arena for survival challenges, and a casual multiplayer experience against friends or random opponents.

Dice Soccer League will be free to play, and is coming to iOS later this summer. LambdaMu Games is having a busy 2014, as Chillingo recently launched the developer’s Are You A Dodo? on iOS.

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