@LAKings Trash Tweet Angers Canada

Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, is not amused. Nor are the great majority of the country’s devoted hockey fans after the following humorously intended @LAKings tweet crowned the team’s Game One upset playoff win in Vancouver last night:

The tweet is referencing the fact that the Canucks are not exactly adored beyond the eastern provincial border of British Columbia. Globe and Mail reporter David Shoalts got in touch with a spokesperson for the Kings, who confirmed the matter is being treated seriously. Also, to the NHL team’s credit, the tweet at press time is still visible; they did not try to do the old delete-and-skate-away routine:

Mike Altieri, the Kings’ vice-president, communications and content, did not go into details about the matter. But he said in an e-mail message “we are addressing” the situation.

Also caught up in the middle of this is Vancouver digital strategist Jason Baker, who goes by the Twitter handle of @jason_baker. His polite protest tweet to @LAKings was re-tweeted more than 7,500 times and helped make him a Canadian trending topic. An apology from the Kings is no doubt forthcoming.