Columnist Contemplates Belittled Lakers Scout ‘Chaz the Bartender’

Is it a good thing or a bad thing when a profile of key members of the current Lakers management team sounds more like a logline for an upcoming episode of HBO’s horse track series Luck? We’re betting the latter.

In a column today entitled “Setting the Record Straight on Chaz the Scout,” author and contributor Roland Lazenby outlines how current Lakers scion-exec Jim Buss first met team scout Chaz Osborne at the track. From there, the relationship progressed to a point where Buss made the San Diego-residing Osborne one of the Lakers three current talent scouts.

But one thing Lazenby wants to make clear is that the new nickname “Chaz the Bartender” may be entirely misapplied. It arose after a article last week by Ken Berger quoted a team management source as saying Chad was “a great bartender.” From the Lazenby article:

It’s time to set the record straight. Chaz Osborne is no bartender… He’s a good-natured sort (although he did not return a call about this piece) and has quipped to friends that he probably needs to go to bartending school so that he can fit his public profile.

In other words, Osborne may get comped big-time in Vegas and occasionally pick up the bar tab for players and staff. But if you ask him whether he was ever a bartender, he will adamantly reply in the negative.